Thursday, March 2, 2017

Jeff Sessions needs to lose his job.

Dear Senator Cantwell. By all reports, AG Jeff Sessions _lied_ under oath about contact with the Russians during the campaign. I must admit, I am not surprised. The possible collusion of the Trump campaign with agents of Russian interference in the last Presidential race _must_ be investigated at the highest levels, and that investigation must be thorough and complete - with at _least_ as much vigor and public press being applied as was given to Secretary Clinton's e-mails and Benghazi. As for Jeff Sessions... I ask you to call him out, demand (at the least) that he recuse himself from any investigation of Trump and ties to the Russians, and if it is proven that Sessions lied under oath, or performed any tasks in violation of law while doing back door deals with the Russians, then AG Jeff Sessions should be fired, removed from government and face Federal charges. Thank you for being my representative in Congress. I wish you, your family and staff the best of health and the best of fortunes. GregRobin Smith Seattle

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