Thursday, March 2, 2017

Jeff Sessions needs to lose his job.

Dear Senator Cantwell. By all reports, AG Jeff Sessions _lied_ under oath about contact with the Russians during the campaign. I must admit, I am not surprised. The possible collusion of the Trump campaign with agents of Russian interference in the last Presidential race _must_ be investigated at the highest levels, and that investigation must be thorough and complete - with at _least_ as much vigor and public press being applied as was given to Secretary Clinton's e-mails and Benghazi. As for Jeff Sessions... I ask you to call him out, demand (at the least) that he recuse himself from any investigation of Trump and ties to the Russians, and if it is proven that Sessions lied under oath, or performed any tasks in violation of law while doing back door deals with the Russians, then AG Jeff Sessions should be fired, removed from government and face Federal charges. Thank you for being my representative in Congress. I wish you, your family and staff the best of health and the best of fortunes. GregRobin Smith Seattle

Space - the NEXT Frontier

DJ Trump - President Dear Sir. I understand from your speech to Congress that you support giving more focus to Humanity's quest of living, working and discovery of Space. I fully support expanding peaceful off-planet exploration (as well as other Scientific research) and the peaceful expansion of human habitation and understanding for all our benefit (scientific, economic, cultural and ecological). As the record shows, I am openly critical of many of your policies, sir, but anything that supports such exploration has my full and enthusiastic backing. It is possible for people of very different perspectives to find common ground. You may count on my continued praise for honest and robust funding and dedication of resources towards the goal of peaceful development of our off-planet potential. Sir, please continue this course, relying on the hard science and vision of the dedicated members of the Scientific community. I wish you and your family good health. GregRobin Smith

Lyin' Jeff Sessions should be out of a job

DJ Trump - President Dear Sir. I am disturbed by the revelations that Jeff Sessions has evidently lied under oath; that he said he had not "had communications with the Russians." He had. He lied about it. He should resign... or be fired. Uphold your campaign promise and 'drain the swamp'. Fire Jeff Sessions. I wish you and your family good health. GregRobin Smith

Monday, February 20, 2017

Mr D.J. Trump, President. I am seriously concerned about your sources of information. You have labeled all media as 'Fake News' and an enemy of the American People, yet you seem to use one of the worst offenders - Fox News and who knows what else - for information that you base your comments on that is easily verifiable as FALSE. There are sources of reliable facts that A President of the United States has as their command... and I wish you would use them. It _matters_ whey you say things that make you sound stupid, misled, misinformed, or that you are just mouthing ideas that have no relationship with the Truth. It rained on your Inauguration. The attendance numbers weren't that special. There was no terrorist attack in Sweden. You had one of the lower electoral victories in our history... all this makes your other allegations seem weak. The world has learned that it cannot trust what you think, believe or say. Please, at least, use the true, researched, vetted sources you have at your disposal to at least get the best information possible, not this gossip magazine talking point agenda you are using. I wish you and your family good health. GregRobin Smith

Friday, February 10, 2017

Trump Enterprises Should be OFF the Table to the POTUS

DJ Trump, President. When the President of the United States uses the office to promote personal financial gain for themselves or their family, it is wrong. When the President punishes a business for reducing their interest in one of the family business lines, it is wrong. Please stop trying to exempt yourself from the common practices of the position of the Presidency. Stop berating, scolding, accusing, directing anger at or trying to influence business decisions that benefit your family's businesses. Please stop punishing those you think are harming your family's financial bottom line through your position as President, such as whining about Nordstrom dropping your daughter's fashion line. Our Nation's honest businesses should not fear the personal wrath of our President because of their lawful decisions in how to conduct their affairs. If your staff thinks that your actions and decisions on such things is at all ethical, you are being seriously misinformed. I feel your behavior, for the vast majority of everything you have done, is harming these United States. Please follow the example of our last President who was very careful about such conflicts of interest. Further, release your tax returns and divest yourself from all international investments. Remove yourself completely from your business interests. You are not CEO of just another business, you are the President of the United States. That responsibility is above all other considerations of profit. Prove what you have promised and be a President for all the Citizens of the United States and serve them through following the laws we all must follow and stand with the ethical guidelines long practiced by those who have held that office before you. I wish you and your family good health. GregRobin Smith

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A Decisive (BAD) Decision is still a Bad Decision.

Dear Vice-President Pence. I heard you in a speech state that Americans are pleased with President DJ Trump's decisiveness in establishing a travel ban. I feel compelled to inform you that I feel that the action is rash and helps alienate the largest group of people that are actively working to defeat the work of ISL... that of Muslims the world around who detest ISL and their radical agenda. This Citizen of the United States is not pleased with the wrong-headed decisiveness our present Administration is demonstrating. President Trump's lack of experience in geo-political balance is putting these United States in jeopardy. To please a few short-sighted individuals, he is risking the safety and security of the World, and the United States in particular. I point out that while some do back this action, along with the majority of voters who did _not_ vote for the present Administration, I stand with the majority of Citizens who do not like the direction, decisive or not, that our Administration is heading. Reject these reactionary and dangerous short-sighted goals and support a progressive, inclusive agenda of real diplomacy. I wish you and your family good health. GregRobin Smith

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Frank Dodd is there to HELP our Nation. As are you. Do not make laws dance to please your friends.

a variant of my letter to Sen Murray, Sen Cantwell, and Rep. Jayapal. "DJ Trump, President. Dear Sir. I read where you want to end Dodd Frank and remove the rule that makes financial advisors do things only in the best interest of their clients. Am I hearing correctly? You want to erase legislation that was put in place to help avoid the practices that broke our economy - to help you friends. Friends who can't get loans. This looks like a blatant selling out of our country for cronies. Dodd Frank was put into place to stop the financial meltdown we went through from reoccurring. You want to allow that to happen again, so your particular friends can benefit, it seems. This is not how I wish my President to act. Please do all you can to maintain and strengthen laws like Dodd Frank, not weaken good laws to benefit select friends at our Nation's expense. I wish you and your family good health. GregRobin Smith"