Monday, February 20, 2017

Mr D.J. Trump, President. I am seriously concerned about your sources of information. You have labeled all media as 'Fake News' and an enemy of the American People, yet you seem to use one of the worst offenders - Fox News and who knows what else - for information that you base your comments on that is easily verifiable as FALSE. There are sources of reliable facts that A President of the United States has as their command... and I wish you would use them. It _matters_ whey you say things that make you sound stupid, misled, misinformed, or that you are just mouthing ideas that have no relationship with the Truth. It rained on your Inauguration. The attendance numbers weren't that special. There was no terrorist attack in Sweden. You had one of the lower electoral victories in our history... all this makes your other allegations seem weak. The world has learned that it cannot trust what you think, believe or say. Please, at least, use the true, researched, vetted sources you have at your disposal to at least get the best information possible, not this gossip magazine talking point agenda you are using. I wish you and your family good health. GregRobin Smith

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