Saturday, January 28, 2017

A Bit more Long-Term Vision in Needed. Something that goes beyond our cut-off nose.

DJ Trump - President Sir. Business negotiations and Political Negotiations have similarities. However, the nuanced differences of Political Negotiation seem to plague you. Your Administration, by narrowly viewing the importance of how powerful you should appear, has decided that continuing the bluster of campaign is more important than the sober business of governance and international relations. Your Administration is telling our Press to 'shut up'. Your Press Secretary rants blatantly false facts rather than deal with Truth. Our Country is already moving in ways that insult our neighbors and friends (Mexico is the most recent injury we have inflicted) and I worry about the next loss, and the ones assuredly about to come. As other countries think about how to deal with us, they will learn we are more concerned, it seems, with our National Ego than with our National Interests in government by a great, informed, respectful and involved People. It is going to be much easier to right the course now, before our Ship of State grounds itself, then to pull ourselves off the Shoals of Trouble - especially when our Neighbors have little reason to come to our assistance. In addition to your vaunted skills as a Business Negotiator, you must somehow acquire the abilities of a Political Negotiator. Judging by the extreme failure of the Republican Congress to allow much in the way of any benefit to come from their majority the last several years, I do not think you will find the help you need in the current crowd you run with. Sir, look outside your current advisors for reasoned, informed, and collaborative-minded people to assist you better. Our Nation's success, and future, depends upon it. Your duty to These United States demands it. I wish you and your family good health.

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