Tuesday, January 24, 2017

You Can't Deny Just One

To a 'Moon Landing Denier' on Buzz Aldrin's FB Page: It would seem, from the opinions of deniers, that The Manhattan Project was also a hoax, nuclear science is a hoax, the A & H bombs were a hoax, that science - in general - is all part of a great conspiracy and that broad-brushing a 'we can't go past the Van Allen Belt - PERIOD!' maxim against which no evidence may stand... is the key to Truth. Take heart. When Ben Franklin helped establish that pointed grounded rods would help prevent damage from lightning strikes, there were those that argued against them (and him) as well, refusing all evidence that the science really worked. Science is rarely about shouting (well, an occasional 'Eureka!' is allowed;-). Science is much more about presenting a preponderance of evidence to a broad-based audience for verification. This has been done. To consider the size and complexity of a conspiracy to alter such a wide variety of scientific and verifiable information is the story much harder to accept. We will continue to travel across these and other such horizons, tho' some deny any such journeys exist. GregRobin

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