Tuesday, January 24, 2017

A Colony on the Moon

(I sent two similar letters, one to Sen Cantwell and one to Sen Murray (both of Washington State) Dear Senator Cantwell. You have witnessed first hand the power of technology to change the world for the better. For tech to improve education, create new industries, and to make everything from learning a language to improving health care and energy delivery systems better, more efficient and more cost-effective. I believe America needs to work with the world's scientific community to establish a colony on the Moon. By building a solar collector (as mentioned in Andrew Chaikin's excellent book 'A Man on the Moon' (The Voyages of the Apollo Astronauts) a solar collector built from material found on the Moon could beam power back to Earth and pay its price tag in about 10 years. The benefits would be staggering. * Reducing the need of petroleum * Reducing the price of power to the Earth's population * Establishing a base from where we could better explore the rest of our Solar System and beyond * Create an entirely new, and sustainable, economy * Increase the need for STEAM trained graduates and interest in STEAM subjects ... and many more. Every drop of oil we pump out of the ground will never be replaced. Imagine if every tree cut, or crop harvested, could not be replaced. Oil will, one day, run out. We cannot simply leave it to our children's children to 'deal with it.' President D. Trump must be made to see the potential greatness in this. He wants America to be great, to be 'first'. This could bring American greatness to the fore just as when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin first stepped upon the Moon's surface. We could be first amongst the world's governments on this, leading us all to something not just good for business, but truly great for all of Humankind and of limitless benefit to our future generations. I ask you to push this agenda. Thank you for all your work. I wish you, your family and staff the best of health. GregRobin Smith

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