Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sensible Gun Laws - NOW

President D. Trump. In your Inauguration Address, you used the term 'carnage', and I would like to point out that a terrible carnage of violence has been a curse on the American people for far too long. You state you are listening to the People of These United States. Then I ask you to listen to the friends, the families, the loved ones of the over 30,000 people who are killed each year by gun violence. We must re-write the 2nd Amendment to make it pertain to our own times, not the time of Flintlocks and Muzzleloaders. We must establish sensible requirements for owning and operating a gun, much like we have sensible requirements for owning and operating a motor vehicle. Help end the carnage of gun violence by encouraging sensible, cross party legislation to be sent to your desk. Deny the Gun Lobby their self-serving influence. The People (gun advocates, NRA Members, and many more) want sensible gun legislation. Please help bring this about. A great country does not lose 30,000+ people a year to gun violence. Mr President, act now and act decisively in this matter. I wish you and your family good health. GregRobin Smith

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