Tuesday, January 24, 2017

My Thanks to Buzz Aldrin

Posted on Buzz Aldrin's FB Page https://www.facebook.com/buzzaldrin/ Ben Franklin saw the first manned 'flight' when, in 1793, he witnessed the Montgolfier Brothers launch their balloon in Paris. Ben whimsically stated that he somewhat regretted being born too early (1706) and he would not live to see the many advances of Science to come. I can only imagine the wonder and excitement he would feel at the various accomplishments of faster-than-foot travel... The bicycle, the automobile, the plane, helicopter, jet, and rockets... and rockets to the Moon. Praise be to all those who helped propel the Science and who had the courage to ride those rockets into the skies, into space, around the Moon, and to land - and walk on and explore - our nearest neighbor in Space. Thank you, Col. Aldrin, for continuing to push for new horizons to be crossed. May your work, life, character, courage and dedication never fade. GregRobin Smith - aka 'The New Benjamin Franklin' http://www.space.com/16595-montgolfiers-first-balloon-flight.html

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