Friday, January 27, 2017

Dear Senator Murray. I am very concerned about (probably) ALL of President D. J. Trump's appointments. From the Secretaries in his Cabinet to, eventually, his Supreme Court nominees. I am so very grateful that you and Senator Cantwell are there. Your proven record of progressive, considered and informed thought is a barrier against bluster and regressive policies. Please, dig in. Resist and block all nominees that you know are wrong for The United States of America. I trust your judgment. I do not think the current administration 'gets a pass'. We cannot just 'wait and see'. The rules of political war were established long ago, and until we can re-establish a respectful, civil government, we must deny normalizing this reactionary trend. We cannot let it gain a foothold in our way of thinking. Keep strong, and let me know what I can do (I write President Trump - one letter for each day he is in office. I march now. Tell me what else I can do.) Thank you. I wish you and your family, staff and friends all good health and safety. GregRobin Smith Seattle

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