Monday, January 30, 2017

You Say You Are An Environmentalist - Hooray!

Mr DJ Trump, President. Recently, in comments made during a signing, I heard you say, 'I am an environmentalist', and I am delighted to hear you say so. I look forward to immediate and decisive actions to back up this statement. * Reducing Carbon Emissions. * Reducing reliance on Oil (Oil Exports, Oil Exploration) and on Coal. * Increasing study and support of renewable energy sources (wind power, solar, tidal, thermal, solar power transmission from Space and from the Moon's Surface). * Increasing support of National Parks, Wilderness areas, and protection of sensitive environmental areas. I am looking forward to the acts, proofs, and decisions that you make next to show the world how much an an Environmentalist you are. I wish you and your family good health GregRobin Smith

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