Friday, January 20, 2017

The Giant Roar - of ALL voters

President D. Trump. When Paul Ryan said, “Millions and millions of Americans are deeply dissatisfied with their situation,” he said. “They have let out a great roar. … We hear you, we will do right by you and we will deliver.”* I was wondering which millions he referred to. I hope, not just the Electoral College participants. Today, at your Inauguration, you spoke to ALL of the people of These United States, and promised to hear them all, that THEY (we) are the rulers. I thank you for that. In the days to follow, it will be of great importance to let those millions and millions know that you are not listening to just those who voted to give you the Electoral College victory, but to the millions more who voted for Secretary Clinton as well. You are President of us ALL. There are millions of us who do not want our Congress to work only for their interests (you addressed this. Thank you). There are millions of us who want the best idea to win, not just the best funded idea. They want Congress to work, collaborate, get the best information and act in the best interest for ALL of us. The roar of ALL of us, of those yet to come, that is the Roar I ask you to listen to. I wish you and your family the best of health. GregRobin Smith

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