Friday, January 27, 2017

Personal Exceptionalism: There is no Magic Wand... no Magic Eraser.

D. J. Trump - President Sir. The term, "Ship of State" is used to describe how a country is run. As you stated in your Inauguration speech, the People are in Control. That means We, the People, are the Captain of this Ship of State. But when the people who direct the ship, who call out obstacles, who navigate by charts drawn up by mapmakers, whose experience is relied upon to get the Ship safely from Port to Port - when those people are called liars... what does the Captain do? When the people charged with the running of the ship make wild statements without facts, without reason... only to promote confusion and gain control, this cannot be for the good. In particular, your call that the Media are liars and whose work should be erased, and that Science is able to be changed by the wave of a magic wand. The professional journalistic class are the sober observers and researchers that keep our Ship of State's course corrected. And numbers. Numbers, aka The Science of Facts, are not to be ignored, or made up, for the sake of convenience. The ridership on Washington DC's subway system were not greater on your Inauguration Day than when President Obama was inaugurated. You lost the popular vote by almost three million votes. These facts are not open for you to simply state 'alternate facts'. We, the People, depend and demand that you - as President - only deal in facts. In the best information that is available. Not just what your whim and fancy decrees. This 'magic eraser' and 'magic wand' you keep using will only weaken you, and will break these United States as a candid world grows suspicious of what we mean, and what we will do. This Ship of State will crash into the shoals. This Ship of State will careen through the shipping lanes, causing other Ships to veer away from us to seek safety. Facts, sir. They are not made real simply because of Personal Exceptionalism. Just because you are a candidate for office, or now, President, does not make your thoughts right automatically. Your staff, your supporters, cannot brow beat those who call you out 'wrong' because the works of Professional Journalists and Scientists are inconvenient. Deal in the facts, sir. Our very country, and world, depend on it. History is not a kind judge to those who think they can power their sails by the bluster and flurry of their own shouting. I wish you and your family good health. GregRobin Smith

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